4 sharp looking dudes

"He is not at all particular as to his diet; but what sea-fish is? With such a great bulk of body, such enormous vitality and vigour to support, he must needs be ever eating..." - The Cruise of the Cachalot, Frank T. Bullen
"However, they may be considered somewhat lazy." - Large-Shark Hunting Habits Exposed by Crittercam, Stefan Lovgren
A cartoonish shark
"Martin: He didn't eat a car did he?
Hooper: No, heh heh heh, a tiger shark's like a garbage can, they'll eat anything." - Jaws
"...The Tiger Sharks play well together. Their tightness and charisma make them interesting to watch as well as listen to. The secret to the band's local success is their uniqueness... The band's repertoire is a veritable who's who of the 50's... it's always done with a twist though. You could never call The Tiger Sharks boring or predictable..." - Spotlight Magazine