Tiger Sharks

It is now 20 years ago that the The Tiger Sharks formed and performed at their first gigs.

"When we started we had no idea what we were getting into. Members joined based more on their being friends as well as their musical abilities."

In the past, they have performed on the Queen Street circuit in Toronto, appeared on CityTV's Breakfast Television a number of times and participated in festivals/charity events.

"Back then Toronto was the big time for us, our first gig in Toronto was at the Cabana Room in the Spadina Hotel. At that time we were a three piece and the gig paid by band member, we didn't even make enough to cover gas."
"One of our favourite gigs would be the The Black Bull - no cover, great patio. At that time, the late 80's early 90's, it was an interesting mix of bikers and Queen Street hipsters. The Rivoli was another favourite where we did many gigs with other local bands and some simulcasts with the Ryerson campus radio station."

In February of 1991, The Tiger Sharks traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to record their first album at the legendary Sun Studio. The band returned to Memphis in early September of 1991 to complete their original tracks.

"Recording at Sun Studio was a little overwhelming at first, we'd wait in the control room for the last tour to clear out and then set up. It hasn't changed and looks exactly the same as in all the photos you've seen. After a while it felt more like the band's space and home."

The Tiger Sharks returned to Memphis in August of 1992 where they participated in the Crossroads Memphis Music Festival. The festival provides an opportunity for exposure for unsigned bands.

"Being able to take part in the Memphis music scene was a little unreal. We got a chance to see many performers as well as doing shows where many of our influences got their start."

On July 1st, 1994, they performed at their CD release at the El Mocambo in Toronto for their first release Walk with Me.

"We were very happy with the CD and it was well received. Like any band though it's missing something that can only be experienced at a live show."

The Tiger Sharks have on different occasions performed with Prairie Oyster, Robert Gordon, Sleepy LeBeef, The Razorbacks, Teenage Head. They've also provided backup for Lori Yates and Subway Elvis.

"The Razorbacks were great to see live and to open for, willing to share some advice with less experienced musicians."
"Seeing Teenage Head live and opening for them was fantastic, they were definitely an early influence and there was always something interesting going on at their shows."

After taking some time off from the band for career and family they built their own studio. On Oct 23rd, 2009 they released their CD, This is Not a Boat Accident. A CD release party was held at the Cadillac Lounge in Toronto.